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A community-made wiki dedicated to PANDEMIC.'s Roblox game Zombie Stories. We have over 135 articles, 17 editors that are currently editing. You can also help us contribute to this wiki!

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Current Game Version: Beta
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  • Some weapons have recently gotten some changes, mainly the sidearms! There are some new skins that have been released, created by the Zombie Stories community! Make sure to join the PANDEMIC. discord server to keep up to date with game development: https://discord.gg/p9Uf7yK
    • A new update has dropped loaded with new mechanics, it will take some time before all of the articles are up-to-date.


      Discover the secret that lies behind the door of Base Hawk.

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      There are currently 4 stories and 7 chapters available to play.

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      Check out the Shop from time to time to collect new skins!

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      Zombie Tower

      Climb the treacherous tower's 20 floors filled with classic zombies.

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      Featured Article
      The Katana is a weapon of the ages, sporting moderate damage output and long reach. These things are scarce however, so good luck unboxing!
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      Zombie Stories Wiki was founded on
      December 24, 2019.

      6,006 Total Edits
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      Recent Update
      October 1st, 2021
      • Some Community Skins have been added! Check them out in the Shop!
      • 13 new weapon skins.
      • Many secondary weapons have received many changes and new mods.
      • Fixed to where player hats would disappear in Zombie Blitz: Origins
      • The SCAR-H and A-3000 have gotten new models.
      • The Ruger 10/22 now has 200 reserve ammo.
      • Scenarios now change every 6 days instead of 3.
      • Various other bug fixes.

      Full changelog can be found on the Discord server in #changelog.

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